Toth lab (University of Florida)

The Toth laboratory  investigates the biology and the pathogenesis of oncogenic herpesviruses.

Our goal is to reveal the epigenetic mechanisms of Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV)  infection and viral immune evasion strategies in different cell types.

KSHV is responsible for the development of the vascular tumor Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS), and two B cell lymphomas such as primary effusion lymphoma and a subset of multicentric Castleman’s disease in immunocompromised people. KSHV is a true oral herpesvirus, which is shed in the oral cavity, and KSHV infection can lead to the development of oral KS, the most common oral malignancy in AIDS patients. Following replication in oral epithelial cells, KSHV may be transmitted into endothelial cells and B lymphocytes where it establishes latency, which is responsible for the life-long infection of the host. Our research program uses genetically-engineered KSHV mutants and structural-functional biochemical assays combined with system biology and genomic approaches to interrogate the function of specific viral and host factors that are critical for the persistent KSHV infection, viral immune evasion and viral oncogenesis. Better understanding of what viral and host epigenetic factors control KSHV infection can lead to the development of novel strategies to blocking KSHV infection and pathogenesis. KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV KSHV


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We are located in Gainesville, Florida – an area with abundant nature, great beaches within 1-2 hour distance (Gulf of Mexico, St. Augustine – Atlantic ocean beaches). Nearby cities are Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa.




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Zsolt Toth, PhD
1395 Center Drive
Box 100424
Gainesville, FL  32610-0424
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