Zsolt Toth, PhD

      (Assistant Professor)

  • Assistant Professor, University of Florida, College of Dentistry, Department of Oral Biology, Gainesville, Florida, 2016 June -current
  • Assistant Professor of Research, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, 2013-2016
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, 2008-2013
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Salk Institute, La Jolla, California, 2007
  • PhD, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany, 2006
  • MSc, University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary, 2002

Dr. Toth UFCD department info…

Lab members:


Nenavath Gopal Naik

(postdoctoral associate – joined the lab in August 2018)


GavinGolas   Gavin Golas

(PhD student – Microbiology & Immunology concentration IDP program – T90 NIH/NIDCR training grant pre-doctoral fellow. Joined the Toth lab in August 2018.)


aria    Aria Sharma

(UFCD Research Track Dental Student –  UF College of Dentistry DMD Candidate | Class of 2019 Vice President | UF ASDA President-Elect – Aria is mentored by Dr. Toth and co-mentored by Dr. Papp since 2016.)


Juan Alonso    Juan Alonso

(Research Laboratory Technician since 2018 May)

(Past positions in Toth lab:  UF undergraduate researcher until graduation, Major: Biology / Minor: Business Administration. )


seung-jin-jang_mcm_3883     James Seung Jin Jang

(DMD-PhD student)

(Past positions in Toth lab: Sep 2016 – May 2017: Research Assistant   \ May 2017  – July 2017: UFCD Summer Research Student)




Lab Alumni:

Katherine Glickman


Katherine Glickman (UF Undergraduate, Major: Biology Pre-Dentistry and Minor: Innovation) was an undergraduate researcher until August 2018.


Richard Smindak

Richard Smindak was a postdoctoral associate until June 2018.

Thomas Hong Nguyen

Thomas Hong Nguyen (UF undergraduate,  B.S. Nutritional Sciences Pre-Health Specialization) was an undergraduate researcher until May 2018.

Kyra Senchyshak


Kyra Senchyshak (UF undergraduate, Major: Biology) was an undergraduate researcher until March 2018.


Paul Faelnar was a research laboratory technician until December 2016.



Collaborators at the University of Florida:


Bernadett Papp Laboratory (Department of Oral Biology)

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Laurence M. Morel Laboratory (Department of Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine)

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Michael Kladde Laboratory (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

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Chris Fisher Laboratory (Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)